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Unique Art for Your Home 

Yellow and Purple Flowers

The Donald and Ursula Shaw
Art Collection

Don & Ursula

Their story...

This collection of art was acquired bit by bit out of the love of a couple - Don & Ursula Shaw, and their passion for global travel, adventure & art. The site was put together by their four children to celebrate their parent’s 58 wedding anniversary. The theme of the site was chosen because Ursula loves dried flowers - she dries & presses them to add to her cards. 

Outside of the home, Ursula has spent most her spare time setting up Shaw Woodcarving - a business she has run for 20 years, travelling to art shows through out rural Ontario to share her small treasures. Her art pieces - mainly root carvings, masks & sculptures, found their way into many homes because it offered something unique. 

Don & Ursula hope that their art brings love & light into the lives of others - as well as some beauty, creativity & a bit of magic!


Shaw Art mainly specializes in carvings, masks & paintings from artists around the world - including Southeast Asia, Africa, Latin America & Europe


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Featuring Asian and South American Art
Root and wood carvings
Ceramic art and vases
Bicycles and more!



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